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Terms of Use of the Back-end Platform.


Here are some simple rules that all our partners have to follow to ensure a transparent and honest communication to our partners and customers. 


Our Promises to you.


  1. This system is accessible to all official partners that are entitled to sales Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs.

  2. All marketing and Sales materials are fact checked and up to date. 

  3. All certifications are up to date.

  4. If you are missing any materials that you might need we will do our best to hep you supply these materials within reason. 


You Promises to us. 


  1. You will follow the guidelines set out by the company

  2. You will no falsely represent any of the information given to you.

  3. You will limit yourself to approved marketing materials

  4. Only certifications within the system can and will be shared with third parties


We value you as a partner. As you agree to enter the backend of our website you agree to the terms above.

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