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Tested & Proven Based On ISO Standards


 "The Novel Corona Virus"

Repeltec Southern Africa together with AFFIX Labs is proud to announce that the Si-Quat anti-viral clear coat is now proven effective against the pathogen Sars-Cov-2,  the virus that causes COVID-19. The research with the actual correct virus, has been conducted by the Medical University of Lisbon, Instituto de Medicina Molecular.

Pipetting Samples

Dr Angelique Coetzee

"Keeping your practice a safe environment for patients is a difficult task given the frequency of disinfection that needs to be done on high contact areas, some of the chemicals used can also be abrasive to materials. Repeltec offered us a long lasting and durable surface treatment Si-Quat, it is easy to apply and adheres to almost any surface. This greatly reduces the need to disinfect high contact surface areas after each patient due to the antimicrobial properties of Si-Quat, we have kept our basic social distancing and hand washing policies in place and now feel more secure using Si-Quat in my practice."

The Product








Proven to kill 99.99% within 1-5 min

Tested on a range of bacteria Species of bacteria:

S.aureus ATCC 6538 | E.coli ATCC 8739 | P.aeruginosa ATCC 15442 |









The Anti-Microbial Coating forms a strong coating with the surface it is applied to. Without friction the coating will last for years. In situations where there is friction applied the coating will ware down over time. 

Get in touch with us so we can advice you on how long the anti-microbial coating will last in your scenario.


the Si-Quat coating binds silane molecules to any surface creating a transparent coating with anti-microbial properties.
silane molecule website.png
silane molecule website.png
silane molecule website.png
silane molecule website.png
silane molecule website.png

The positively charged nitrogen atom attracts negatively charged microbe membranes.

molecule structure .png
virus grey.png
A long molecule chain of Carbon penetrates the membrane and exposes the DNA of the virus which instantly kills the microbe and renders it inert.
silane molecule website.png
virus grey.png
silane molecule website.png
silane molecule website.png


The active ingredient consists of a conventional quaternary ammonium salt (also known as: Si-Quat, Quat-silane, Silane-Quat) bonded to a silane molecule and linked to a long molecule chain. After splicing, a highly active silane molecule is formed:

3- trimethoxysilylpropyldimethyloctadecyl ammonium chloride. This molecule has both tenacious bonding capabilities as well as excellent antimicrobial properties. 


During the application process, the coating binds the silane molecule to any surface creating a transparent coating with anti-microbial properties. 


Positively Charged Nitrogen – The positively charged nitrogen atom attracts negatively charged microbes which are “electrocuted”. Also the spike proteins on the Covid-19 virus outside have been calculated to be negatively charged under neutral pH conditions.  


Long Molecular Carbon Chain – The long molecular chain or “spike” comes into contact with offending microbes. This carbon “spike” acts like a sword that punctures the membranes and coatings of all microbes coming in contact with it. This “physical kill” terminates the viability of the microbe! 

References: Drug and vaccine design against Novel Coronavirus (2019-nCoV) spike protein through Computational approach 

Suresh Kumar* doi:10.20944/preprints202002.0071.v1 

Silane Base – Enables the antimicrobial Si-Quat coating to anchor securely onto the substrate providing long-lasting antimicrobial protection. 

How our Binder supports the active ingredients

Si-Quat does not change the actual active ingredient. The Si-Quat binders rather lock the active ingredients in place and providing them a structure that keeps them active.

The molecules are locked together and form a well distributed networks that all together create a thin film.

The Si-Quat binders lock the Silane Quaternary ammonium in place by attaching to the silane base leaving the positively nitrogen and the long carbon chain that penetrates the enveloped virus pathogens untouched.


Si-Quat clear coatings can be applied in many aspects of life.

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Professor Miguel Castanho

University of Lisbon (Faculty of medicine)

"In a realistic “contagion-through-surfaces” scenario with a substantial lower viral load, liquid droplets containing SARS-CoV-2 are expected to dehydrate partially on surfaces therefore forcing the virus to interact with the coating. This dehydration-driven interaction is expected to potentiate the antiviral effect beyond the values reported by the experiment we performed based on ISO21702."."

AT the LAb

Quaternary ammonium is used around the globe from dental work to baby toys Si-Quat is used in all sorts of applications the big difference between them is the amount of active ingredient. Often the Quaternary ammonium is integrated into products. Only a very low dosage is needed to stop slow down bacterial growth.

Common items that have integrated quaternary ammonium are computer keyboards, PVC water pipes chew toys for babies and many more.

This does not mean that these items would also kill a virus. This has to do with structuring and implementation, surfaces, what it does show is that it quaternary ammonium is not a direct health risk.

The coating, once dry, has no impact on human health if touched.

The carriers and binders used in Si-Quat should be treated as instructed by the technical data sheet.

Some external examples of the use of Quaternary ammonium.

Dental Materials, PVC Pipes

A surface that has been wiped down with disinfectant - usually alcohol or bleach - can be contaminated again just as quickly with the brush of a hand or a cough. Si-Quat provides a long-lasting and continuous anti-microbial alternative for the real world.


Si-Quat’s clear coating actively and continuously kills microbes, providing ongoing disinfection of treated surfaces. Like a varnish, the Repeltec coating hardens to create a clear, undetectable layer on almost any material. The active ingredients within this coating penetrate, and effectively electrocute, the outer membrane of microbes it comes in contact with, reducing microbes up to 99.999 percent. 


What does Si-Quat mean? Silane quaternary ammonium Quat-Si, SiQuat, Silane Quat, Quat Silane, SiH4, Silica-quaternary ammonium, All these terms describe the same active anti-microbial active ingredient. This compound is used by companies around the globe to create cleaning products with antimicrobial properties but this compound is also used in products we are touching every day. Si-Quats are used in items like sports clothing but also in cutting boards in your kitchen and even in your computer mouse. Typically these quaternary silanes are used to preserve products or prevent growth of bacteria or mold. In the right formations and concentrations Si-Quats are also able to actively kill viruses and more sturdy bacteria like E.coli And S.aureus. 


* Covid -19 is a novel virus within the Coronavirus family. Quaternary ammonium in is known to kill other viruses in the Coronavirus family and is therefor assumed effective by the EPA and BPR to be effective against this new virus.Si-Quat antimicrobial coatings are not a replacement of proper hygiene standards and cleaning protocols but should be used as an additional protection against microbes. 

Does Si-Quat Kill Corona

Yes, Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs has been tested with Sars-Cov-2 the virus that causes COVID-19. The Study has been conducted based on ISO 21702 standards by the university of Lisbon.

To proof that the Si-Quat coating is effective against other claimed microbes is done with a world wide accepted test executed by a Certified lab.

Equilibrium is a certified lab allowed to certify companies with ISO standards. The test that is executed to test the effectiveness of the coating is a ISO: 22196 certificate showing that the product is effective.

This does not mean Si-Quat kills all viruses

Quaternary ammonium is proven to kill enveloped viruses, bacteria and fungi, they are not sporicidal and generally not tuberculocidal or virucidal against hydrophilic (nonenveloped) viruses. Coronaviruses are enveloped and therefor sensitive to this disinfectant, but there are other viruses, bacteria and fungi that would not be sensitive. List of proven viruses, bacteria and fungi that are.

Like all coronaviruses, 2019-nCoV consist of a minimum of three viralproteins namely spike protein (S), a type of glycoprotein, a membrane protein (M) that spans the membrane and an envelope protein (E), a highly hydrophobic protein that covers the entire structure of the coronavirus. The spike (S) glycoprotein in the coronavirus recognise the host cell receptors and causes an important role in viral infection [7].

The membrane within the virus protects the DNA within that is needed for a virus to take over a living cell and reproduce. DNA is highly sensitive and once the membrane is penetrated the DNA will be destroyed along with the reproduction abilities of the Virus. Therefor it is safe to assume if the silane molecule spike is able to penetrate the membrane of the Sars- cov-2 virus the virus is eliminated.

This does not mean other Silane Quat products are effective against Sars-Cov-2, COVID-19. Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs uses a special binder system increasing the anti-viral properties against the Novel Corona Virus. When in doubt ask for certification and verify the authenticity. 


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