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Si-Quat opening restaurants after covid-

Quaternary ammonium have positively charged ions that work to disinfect by attracting the negatively charged membranes of microbes and enveloped viruses, either breaking them apart, or disrupting cell activity. Both of these actions work to kill germs within a few minutes. Because it kills microbes physically, there is no chemical reaction, meaning it does not lose its effectiveness over time.

Quaternary ammonium compounds are used around the globe in a multitude of applications, from dental work to baby toys, often in disinfectants or at very low doses to stop or slow bacterial growth. Common items that have integrated quaternary ammonium are computer keyboards, PVC water pipes chew toys for babies and many more. This does not mean that these items are able to kill viruses, as that would require a different implementation such as that used by Si-Quat. What it does show, however, is that it quaternary ammonium is not a direct health risk. The coating, once dry, has no impact on human health if touched.

Effectiveness against Covid-19

Because of its effectiveness against genetically comparable Corona viruses such as SARS-CoV and MERS, and the method of its interaction with enveloped viruses in general, it is assumed as effective against Covid-19. This is a common method of assumption used in the industry. AFFIX Labs is working together with universities and test labs around the world to peer review the findings.

Recommendations & Endorsement of quaternary ammonium compounds:

Quaternary ammonium has been recommended or found assumed effective by the following organisations:

WHO, World Health Organisation | IATA, International Air Transport Association | NIH, US National Institute of Health | EPA, US Environmental Protection Agency | ECHA, European Chemical Agency

(Si-Quat, Silane Quats, Si4 Quaternary ammonium, Silane quaternary ammonium are all the same or similar active ingredients.)

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