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How to keep my bar customers safe from Covid-19?

A disinfectant based on quaternary ammonium will help you to clean your bar or pub. Si-Quat is different and creates an ongoing effect that will keep the bar anti-viral even in between cleanings.


Risk Areas

Places you would not think about to clean are the small nooks but also table legs, surfaces under the bar or chairs.

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Si-Quat Sticker Mockups3-14.jpg


your customer is going to love to see our Si-Quat Anti-Viral stickers on their tables.


any wooden treated wooden surfaces stone and rough metal are the ideal surfaces for Si-Quat.



Customers will feel more secure coming to your pub to enjoy a pint or two.

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How to create a Clean a bar during the Corona pandemic. 

Hygiene standards and cleaning protocols are nothing new for the bar and pub industry. Under normal conditions it could make or break your business . Now with COVID-19 cleanliness is on everybody’s mind, simply washing your hands, covering your cough, not touching your face with clean hands and not shaking hands anymore. But when you run a pub you are already an expert of hygiene, you understand the concept of not cross-contaminating surfaces. 

One of the known facts about the COVID-19 disease is, without a doubt, is that it is a respiratory virus – it can transmitted through food and this is the good news for the industry. The new normal and social distancing are helping to keep people far enough apart where they can not transmit the disease. But there are some things you should understand to covering all the bases in cleanliness and Corona prevention in bars and pubs.

First things first. make sure your staff is healthy and stays healthy. It is easy to come to work thinking an employee is tired from the night before and to miss the fact he or she is actually carrying Corona. Check for the symptoms and make sure no one comes into work that has a fever.

Create a scrubbing protocol if you do not already have one. (you should already have one, pandemic or not.). Whether a staff person is new or simply tired from a huge shift, it is easy to miss those little details that seem obvious. Some equipment may have quirks or pieces that require special instructions for proper cleaning.

When your bar has treated Si-Quat surfaces they can be markt and reduce the risk of contaminated surfaces.


 There should be daily, weekly, and monthly checklists along with which employee does which task when. The staff are more likely to complete the task consistently. When employees are provided a checklist with guidance and information.

Small surfaces and items are often missed in the cleaning after closing,  can openers , highchairs, seats, menus, , anything on the table, under the table, touchscreens, and cash registers.  For items like menus that you are passing on and are not easily treated with the Si-Quat coating you might consider going virtual, a simple QR code can lead customers to a web page with your menu on it. 

Every bar has items and surfaces that can be treated with Si-Quat's clear anti-vrial coating. This would include counters, doorknobs, toilets, push plates, switches, railings, sink and faucets, phones, cash registers, tables, and chairs. Some restaurants have taken extra precautions and simply removed all items from counters and tables so that take-out customers remember the rules in place.

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