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How to open my beauty or hair salon during covid-19?

Hygiene is already a top priority for most people in the beauty industry. Si-Quat coating could help to make an extra step.


Risk Areas

Due to the high standards in the beauty industry the risk areas would not be the surfaces you clean between customers but the surfaces you might forget. 

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A simple door sticker would be sufficient information for your customers.


Surfaces like table tops, chairs and benches should not give any issue for the Si-Quat coating.



Hygiene is incredibly important and showing that you are maintaining the highest standards will give comfort. 

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AFFIX Labs | Si Quat supporting hair dressers and beauty salons during the pandemic

All over the world hairdressers and beauticians are trying to find a way to safely re-open their businesses. 

Firstly, everyone is wearing a mask, waiting rooms are often closed off or treated with Si-Quat Anti-viral coating, no magazines, no dry cuts, and an even stricter cleaning protocol between the customers. 

It is clear that the new normal is not business as usual. 

Many governments insist on a 1,5 -2 meters (6 feet) social distancing rule, but try to cut someones hair from this distance or put on make-up, work in a nail salon. COVID-19 and other viruses are easier transmitted in closed spaces. Where ever possible ventilate your salon and try to minimize stagnant air. Studies indicate that corona viruses can be carried by dust particles. 

when hair is washed you should use gloves. Pathogens in hair will be killed and/or washed from the hair, and when done gloves can be removed.

There have been studies showing that the Sars-cov-2 pathogen (the virus causing the disease COVID-19) can survive anywhere between 3 days up to 2 weeks on surfaces under ideal circumstances. 

when surfaces like chairs table tops and door knobs are treated with Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs this will be reduced to less then a minute. The coating has been tested to kill over 99.9% of all bacteria upon contact as well. 

The rules are there for a reason but the famous salon chitchat we will have to go without for some time to come. keep your distance and make sure your surfaces are disinfected. 

Rules are set locally but here are some points to think about.

  • No over lapsing customers in waiting rooms. 

  • Treat your seating and other high touch surfaces with Si-Quat.

  • Keep you social distance unless there is no other way. So only approach each other during the treatment or haircut.

  • Customers and hairdressers/beauticians must wear face masks

  • Use a mirror to talk to your customer while doing your haircut and avoid direct communication. 

  • No blow-drying, this wil spread the Corona pathogens fast throughout the business.

  • Make sure there is a constant flow of fresh air. Some countries have local standards in place.

  • Scissors and other tools must be thoroughly disinfected between uses, as well as hairdressing chairs

  • Hairdressing cloaks must be washed after each use and, if possible, a disposable cloak should be worn over the top

  • Customers must wash or disinfect their hands when entering the salon

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