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What can I do to keep my fitness club clean?

Anti-microbials based on quaternary ammonium work against the Corona virus. Si-Quat uses Silane Quaternary ammonium and binds it to any surface for a long lasting effect.


Risk Areas

In gyms the real risk is in the details. the small items that everyone touches but no one clean.

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A sign at the entrance of the gym and a informative video showing how the coating works in combination with stickers on treated surfaces will create awareness.


Plastic surfaces are ideal for the Si-Quat treatment to hold onto. Smooth finishes on metal will need to be treated more regularly.



The gym still needs to be cleaned and Si-Quat does not replace common hygiene rules. Si-Quat will help to reduce risk substantially.

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AFFIX Labs | Si Quat Anti-Viral Coating to open your gym. 

Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs has created a new thin transparent coating that sticks to  all sorts of materials. 

We hear that a lot of gyms are struggling with the idea of how to sanitize their gym equipment. 

Gym equipment in paradise for microbes such as virus pathogens and bacteria. The equipment is used by multiple sweaty people after each other and the spaces and gym locker rooms are generally a humid and warm. The perfect environment for germs to stick around and for bacteria to grow. 

Unfortunately, most gyms do not have the man power to have their employees wipe down the equipment between every use. It's up to customers to do so, but it is hard for instructors to keep an eye out. Regularly sanitizing gym equipment before and after you use it can help decrease the amount of harmful bacteria you come in contact with. But with Si-Quat you will have an ongoing effect that minimizes the risks of contaminated surfaces. 

Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs contains silane quaternary ammonium the Si-Quat binders fix the silane quats to any surface and create a active ongoing coating that kills viruses and bacteria on contact. 

Wipe down Your Equipment Right after closing. 

Gyms could provide some sort of disinfectant wet wipe for their clients. These wipes are a quick and easy way to disinfect the weights and machines and other items present in the gym. The challenge is that it is nearly impossible to check that every customer is actually wiping down the equipment and it is even more difficult to monitor the quality of the cleaning protocol. 

Then there is the challenge of the surfaces of the equipment that are not often touched and even less often cleaned. Knowing that a virus like the Sars-cov-2 pathogen (the pathogen that causes Covid-19) can survive on a surface for 17 days creates an honest cause of concern. 

  • There's a difference between sanitizing and disinfecting. Wet wipes are designed to disinfect. The wipes will have an active ingredient in them like alcohol or chlorine compound, used will kill microbes. This is important because you want to use a disinfectant when you may come into contact with bodily fluids like sweat or saliva and not just spread the germs around with a wet cloth.

  • To use a disinfecting wet wipe properly, make sure to wipe down the entire surface of the machine or equipment you plan to use, do not forget any of the surface you are going to touch, like a weight pin or levers to adjust the settings. Disinfectants have an incubation time. Let the surface dry completely before using. This will make it more likely that the disinfectant has done its job.

The Si-Quat coating works differently. The surface that has been treated kills microbes on contact. Like other disinfectants Si-Quat takes a few minutes to fully do its job. Wait a few minutes after someone in front of you is done with the equipment before using it to give the coating the time to do its work. 

About Quaternary ammonium.  

For small applications we recommend using a spray bottle and a cloth to spread the coating equally onto the surfaces of the gym equipment. 

  • Quaternary Ammonia mixtures are usually quaternary ammonia mixed with water. This is safe to use and does a good job at getting rid of the germs on equipment. The active ingredient in Si-Quat is very similar and already widely used in many gyms around the world.

  • Similar too wet wipes, you will need to wait a few moments to let the active ingredient do its work. 

About Si-Quat.

Si-Quat by AFFIX Labs is different. AFFIX Labs uses a platform technology to bind the Silane Quaternary ammonium tightly to surfaces. The Si-Quat coating does not go away like normal quaternary ammonium but stays and when well maintained can last for months at the time. Friction will wear the coating down but the film can easily be touched up so you do not have to treat the whole equipment every time. 

A simple sprayer and a piece of cloth is all that is needed to create a even layer on the surfaces of the equipment. make sure you do not over spray as this would influence the drying times. 

In a well ventilated space you would be able to treat the equipment after closing and use them again in the morning. 

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