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EN45545-2 HL3 

EN 45545-2 European Union Standard Fire Testing to Railway Components

The European railway standard for fire safety EN45545 was presented as a mandatory requirement throughout Europe. Today, all materials used in rail vehicle manufacturing must follow the EN 45545-2 standard to achieve the highest level of safety possible in the event of a fire.

The European safety standard EN45545 aims to protect passengers and staff against onboard fire incidents in railway vehicles.

The standard applies to all manufacturers of rail vehicles including high speed trains, regional trains, trams, Metros and double decker trains.

EN45545-2 requirements for materials and components


Part two of the European standard; EN45545-2 defines stricter requirement for the fire behavior of materials and components including flooring, seats and cables on railway vehicles. Our anti-viral coatings also fall under this requirement.

This part specifies the research, test methods, test condition and reaction to fire performance requirements.

Our Si-quat anti-microbial coating is classified according to 26 requirement sets (R1-R26). Each requirement has a corresponding series of test performance criteria’s.

Hazard Levels

Railway vehicles are classified in accordance with the fire hazard level associated with their design and operation. There are three hazard levels; HL1, HL2 and HL3 with HL1 being the lowest requirement and HL3 being the highest. Si-Quat has reached the highest levels at HL3.


A series of tests were preformed on the coating to measure how the si-quat coating would compares to the product requirement sets. Some test methods include:

  • TO1 Oxygen Index

  • 03 Flue gas density

  • T12 Smoke toxicity


Key parameters that are measured include flame spread, ignitability, heat release, smoke opacity and toxicity. 

Having passed the tests, the anti-viral coating was given approval according to EN 45545-2 for use in trains. For more information on this test please contact us. This test has been preformed in partnership with Kiel Seatings. Europe’s largest train seating manufacturer. 

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