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An accredited test procedure for evaluating skin compatibility. (Tested on Humans)



We have done testing on our SI-Quat products to protect your skin. 

Patch tests are used to investigate whether products or substances cause primary skin irritation. In addition, they are also able to identify any existing sensitivities. If an irritation reaction is identified, this shows that the test substance causes primary irritation. 

We have done these tests to make sure that if a customer would come in contact with the Si-Quat liquid or coating there would be no skin irritations. 

Our Coatings are tested under standardized conditions, whilst mimicking actual conditions of use as closely as possible. In the Cause of Si-Quat we tested it based on a much longer contact time then you would have in a real situation to build in an extra buffer.

The tests have been conducted on a variety of skin types, male and female.

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