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Si-Quat binds to all sorts of materials. 

Different materials will need a slightly different approach. To ensure efficacy you have to take a few things into account.  



Micro textures will help Si-Quat to bind to a surface.



Proper maintenance will help your coating to last.


Is a surface Hydrophobic or actually absorbent? 



There are different types of friction. how does Si-Quat handle it?

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Hydrophobic surface are the most tricky. 

When you are treating a hydrophobic surface like a glass table top of smooth tiles you have to make sure your Si-Quat coating is well distributed. best finished with a cloth. Over treating could result in droplets. Luckily a simple wipe with a cloth will give you a much better result. By spreading the coating the drying times will also go down. 

When treating highly absorbent surface like textiles the best results are if you retreat if once or twice. The coating will be absorbed and will make the textile anti-microbial and anti-viral throughout. It will even help to slow down growth of mold and other fungi.



Texture helps the Si-Quat coating to hold onto a surface. Just like any other coating the smoother a surface the the easier our coating comes off. Think as if it was a droplet of paint on a window. This droplet would come off easily if you use a your nail. Now think about the same droplet on a wall. 

The structure that the Si-Quat binders give also help to support the active ingredient to last longer.

Surfaces that are heavily textured some coating may build up in the structure. Do not over apply the coating for the best effects. 



Si-Quat coatings are made to withstand friction. When applied and cured Si-Quat will last a long time and is tested to withstand thousands of touches. 

Every times a surface is touched the coating actively disinfects the surface and within a matter of minutes the surface will be cleared of any viruses and bacteria.

There is no better way to ensure an ongoing clean surface then Si-quat anti-viral coating. 



The key thing to remember is that Si-Quat is a disinfectant, in a normal low-risk environment you would not have to clean the surface unless it is dirty.


Cleaning agents are made to dissolve and in combination with friction, will wear down the coating faster depending on the cleaning agent and the friction that is applied.


If you are worried about the coating and want to double disinfect, although not needed, you could use an alcohol or other spray and spray the coated surface.   Without friction this will not cause as much damage to the integrity of the coating. 

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